9 February, 2016

2016 London Liveries Brigantes Breakfast

Brigantes Breakfast 2016By kind permission of the Master of the Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire, the 2016 Brigantes Breakfast, the Northern lunch for City of London Liverymen and their partners, will be held in the magnificent surroundings of Cutlers Hall in Sheffield, one of the finest venues in the North and home to the Company since 1638.

The cost is £83.00 per person plus a £2.00 donation to the Lords Mayors Charity Appeal. Dress code is lounge suits. Badges may be worn. Livery Masters will be processing.

The Brigantes Breakfast is open to Liverymen from all City of London Livery Companies, wherever they may live. It provides the perfect opportunity to meet together in the North, and has been particularly welcomed across the Livery by those less able to travel regularly to City-based events.

Both Brigantes functions in 2015 – the inaugural Brigantes Breakfast in Manchester in May and the Winter Gathering and Concert in Ripon in early December – were fully subscribed.

230 Liverymen and partners from 73 Companies attended the Brigantes Breakfast, including 37 Masters and Past Masters. Early indications are that these numbers will be significantly exceeded for the 2016 Breakfast at Cutlers Hall, the capacity of which is 350.

The locations for Brigantes events are chosen for ease of access. Last year a number of Masters and Liverymen travelled from London to Manchester for the day, just two hours each way, and Sheffield is equally convenient.

At the end of this month, details will be circulated to all Liverymen already on the Brigantes email list, with booking and payment forms, and to the Clerk of each Company.

In advance, we should be most grateful if you would advise your Liverymen of the date and venue. Please would you ask Liverymen who wish to receive details, but are not already on the Brigantes mailing list, to email david.bentley@spaconsulting.co.uk. There is a link at www.liverycompanies.info/diary–news/ too.

We look forward to welcoming you and your Liverymen in May to another memorable occasion in the North.

Adrian Waddingham CBE
Sheriff 2013/14 and Past Master Actuary Lancashire

Charles Cowling
Past Master Actuary Lancashire

David Bentley
Past Master Baker

Nick Gale
Past Master Plumber