The Worshipful Company of Woolmen is one of the oldest of the Livery Companies of the City of London tracing its roots to 1180.

Our Company grew out of the ancient Guild which regulated the wool trade. The first record of its existence was when it was fined by King Henry II for operating without his licence. This was in 1180 so it is safe to say that we are over 800 years old.

Originally it was the body that oversaw woolpackers and wool merchants to ensure consistent standards for wool producers and wool merchants throughout the wool industry. It now combines its ancient history and traditions with an active role with the $80Bn Global Wool Pipeline Industries

Through careful evolution over 800 years the Woolmen’s Company has maintained its unique traditions whilst maintaining close emotional and business affiliations with a modern, vibrant and very environmentally friendly fibre.

Through its Charitable Trust it supports research into appropriate wool related procedures and practices; provides bursaries for students of wool, textile, design, wool marketing and retailing and it awards prizes and medals for sheep shearing at the major agricultural shows.

It works with a number of Wool Industry Partners, including The British Wool Marketing Board and the Campaign for Wool which has His Majesty the King as Patron.