The objects of the Woolmen’s Company Charitable Trust are:

To promote the wool industry and interest in wool, wool products, sheep farming, shearing, wool production and textiles and design; research into appropriate veterinary procedures and practices; education relevant to the wool industry; and to promote the City of London in general and the Livery movement in particular.

Legacies and Donations

Please contact The Clerk if you would like to leave a legacy to The Trust or make charitable donations.

Charitable Activities

These have included: –

  • A lottery for a scholarship fund
  • Blind auctions
  • Postal auctions (for the Woolmen’s Teddy Bear)
  • Charitable fundraising events (the Master will be abseiling in aid of the Lord Mayors appeal on Tuesday 19th June…)

You can find more information by using the links below.

Academic Awards

Shearing Medals & Prizes

Other Charitable Giving

Award Winners