4 November, 2013

Charterhouse Philanthropy Exhibition

The CharterhouseOn Wednesday night I visited the Charterhouse to see their exhibition about Philanthropy in the City, and to hear the first lecture in a series by Matthew Davies about Philanthropy in the City.

It covered a variety of charitable endeavours by many of the older Livery Companies, and of course the work of the Charterhouse itself.  William Fraser, Chairman of the Livery Committee,  introduced Matthew, who is also deeply involved with the initiative Records of London’s Livery Companies Online.

I was delighted to see Walter Balmford there (Woolman and resident of the Charterhouse) and Court Assistant Vincent Keaveny, (Woolman, but on this occasion in his guise as Senior Warden of the Solicitors Company).  I was privileged to see a little more of the Charterhouse when Walter proudly showed me his new living accommodation.  The Charterhouse is also open for tours, so I would recommend anyone with an hour or two to spare to pay a visit – the chapel is especially beautiful.

Bill Clark – Master, Woolmen’s Company