1 April, 2014

Dinner With The Wheelwrights

Gerald CliftonOn Thursday night I had a most enjoyable evening at a dinner with the Wheelwrights in Cutlers’ Hall.

I had been invited as a guest of Past Master Richard Proctor (Past Master of both the Woolmen and the Wheelwrights) and their guest speaker was His Honour Gerald Clifton.   We were sat at a very convivial part of the table, opposite and to one side of the Master, and I was well entertained by Richard and several members of the Wheelwrights and their guests.  The Master Lightmonger was sat opposite, who is doing an 18 month stint as Master due to a succession hiccup – I think two of them are bridging the three year period when there should be three of them.

Bill Clark – Master, Woolmen’s Company