6 November, 2023

Innovation In Wool Award 2023

The Worshipful Company of Woolmen and The Company of Merchants of The Staple of England were pleased to announce the joint winners of the 2023 Innovation in Wool Award. The Winners were:-


NATURAL DALES WOOL PRODUCTS – Working directly with farmers, sustainable products manufactured from a sustainable fibre returning carbon to the land whilst paying farmers a fair and sustainable price.

Sustainable products made from Swaledale wool used for peat restoration and geotextile purposes, using needled wool felt and wool logs created from a felt bag stuffed with scoured Swaledale wool. https://www.yorkshiredales.org.uk/first-wool-logs-laid-on-dales-peatland/


SOLID WOOL LTD – Solidwool is a unique sustainable composite material made with Herdwick and Welsh Mountain wool.

Using this natural, sustainable and beautiful fibre with bio-resin as the binder, made using either Herdwick or Welsh Mountain wool, these two beautiful materials are made using hardy wool fibres and each sheet displays the individuality and subtle differences found in the incredible wool composite. https://www.solidwool.com/


TWOOL (The Provenance Company (UK) Ltd) – Wool garden nets created from award-winning twine as an aid for flower and vegetable growing, and braid nets trialled for fishing nets and lobster pots.

Using a blend of rare breed Whiteface Dartmoor wool and a natural colourised wool, providing a route to market for Dartmoor farmers wool which is collected at source, achieving an incredibly strong and durable net which also has a natural granite colour. https://twool.co.uk/