9 March, 2015

Mansion House Scholarship Scheme – Annual Report for 2014

I enclose my Annual Report to Livery Company Clerks on the activities of the Mansion House Scholarship Scheme over the last twelve months, covering Alderman Dame Fiona Woolf’s mayoralty.

As you will see from the Report, 2014 was another successful year for the Scheme, now in its sixteenth year. Dame Fiona appointed ten new Mansion House Scholars during her year in office, bringing our total alumni list up to one hundred and thirty one scholars, drawn from fifty five countries.  She was able also to meet some of our past scholars in the countries which she visited last year, all of whom remain valued and enthusiastic ambassadors for the City.  She was a staunch advocate of the Scheme which she saw as helping her very directly in her role as an ambassador for the City of London and the UK Financial Services Sector as a whole.  Both she and the Trustees of the Scholarship Scheme are most grateful for the generous and continuing support given to the Scheme by so many Livery Companies, without which it would not survive.

Alderman Alan Yarrow as Lord Mayor adds his strong support for the Scheme also and hopes that your Company will feel able to support him during his year as Lord Mayor.

I would be of course very happy to brief any new Livery Clerks who are unfamiliar with the Scheme and its objectives, or to send them additional material – and if required a copy of our audited accounts. Please let me know if I can help.

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Neill O’Connor
Secretary, Mansion House Scholarship Scheme
Mansion House, LONDON EC4N 8BH
Tel: 07720-348385