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5 November, 2013

Garden Of Remembrance Service

On Monday the City of London Branch of the Royal British Legion held their annual garden of remembrance service outside St Paul’s Cathedral. A Guards Band played the hymns during the service, the Masters of the Livery Companies sang lustily, and the standard bearers were on parade with their standards.  It was a dry sunny […]

4 November, 2013

Charterhouse Philanthropy Exhibition

On Wednesday night I visited the Charterhouse to see their exhibition about Philanthropy in the City, and to hear the first lecture in a series by Matthew Davies about Philanthropy in the City. It covered a variety of charitable endeavours by many of the older Livery Companies, and of course the work of the Charterhouse […]

31 October, 2013

Civic Dinner 2013 At Drapers’ Hall

On Thursday night we held our Civic Dinner in Drapers’ Hall. It is always a splendid occasion, and the beautiful setting of Drapers’ Hall added to the glamour of the evening.  This dinner is marked out from our other dinners because we present the prizes to our scholars and bursars, and they all make such […]

31 October, 2013

Plantation of Londonderry Lecture

On Wednesday evening I went to Professor James Curl’s lecture at Gresham College about the Plantation of Londonderry from 1641 to the end of the nineteenth century. It was a fascinating presentation, which helps to explain much of the background to the troubles in Northern Ireland leading up to the current situation.  Alderman and former […]

25 October, 2013

Arts Scholars Annual Mithras Lecture

Last night I attended the Arts Scholars Annual Mithras lecture at the Dutch Church in Austin Friars. The Reverend Jonathan Meyer MA FRICS spoke about the Great Exhibitions 1851-1900.  We all know about the 1851 event in the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, but I didn’t know that similar ‘crystal’ venues were temporarily erected in […]

22 October, 2013

Company Of Merchants of the City of Edinburgh

On Friday I flew up to Edinburgh for a dinner with the Company of Merchants of the City of Edinburgh in Merchants’ Hall, Hanover Street.  This was their biennial Charter Dinner celebrating the award of their Royal Charter from King Charles II in 1681. Ian Watson was installed as the new Master, and the guest […]

3 October, 2013

Sheep Drive Over London Bridge

On Sunday 29th September The Worshipful Company of Woolmen exercised their rights as Freemen of the City of London to drive their sheep across London Bridge. ITV News were there filming the event.  Please use the link below to see the news report. ITV NEWS STORY – SHEEP DRIVE OVER LONDON BRIDGE Share: FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmail

24 April, 2013

Sheep & Wool Fairs To Visit

There are a  number of sheep and wool fairs around the country, here is a list of some of them you might want to visit. Bicester and Thame Chepstow Show Cockermouth Corby Glen Sheep Fair Cranleigh Show Dolphin Sheep Fair Findon Sheep Fair Glastonbury Llanidloes Masham Sheep Fair Overton Sheep Fair Priddy Sheep Fair Shipston […]

4 March, 2013

Woolmans Company Support City Farms

From our Charitable Fund we make annual contributions to both Spitalfields and Hackney City Farms. They are situated within easy walking distance of each other and it is very convenient to visit Spitalfields in the morning and stroll up to Hackney for lunch in the cafe. Both farms have a wide range of different animals […]

28 January, 2013

New Apprentices Make History!

New apprentices are not usually reported as making history – as recently as 2004 Court Assistant Robert Allen apprenticed his two daughters, Harriet and Sara – and Sara has now become a Freemen through servitude.  Over the years the Company has had many apprentices bound to masters.  But history of a kind was made on […]

28 January, 2013

Forthcoming Kaffe Fasset Exhibition March 2013

A major forthcoming exhibition at the Fashion Textile Museum ‘Kaffe Fassett – A Life in Colour’ is a celebration of the work of one of the great practitioners of contemporary craft. The exhibition takes place  from 22 March 2013 – 29 June 2013. This exhibition is very much wool based and will be featured in […]

10 September, 2012

Woolman and The Olympics

Liveryman Judith Donovan CBE is chair of the Greater Ripon Improvement Partnership (GRIP) and was tasked with organising the Olympic Torch celebrations in Ripon on Tuesday 19th June. With its small winding medieval streets, Ripon was divided into three zones – a family zone for picnics, and family activities; a party zone including the market […]

Extreme Shepherding

Demonstrating the amazing skills of shepherds. Flocks and dogs were used to make shapes and pictures and the film speed was then increased for a little bit of magic. All of this was done for real, no faking. Share: FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmail