31 October, 2022


Kate Humble, farmer, bestselling author and one of the UK’s most love broadcasters, joined The Lord Mayor of London, The Rt Hon Vincent Keaveny (also a Woolman) in leading Freemen of the City of London across London Bridge.

Kate also attended the open-to-all and free Livery Fair, which took place nearby on the piazza at The Monument, featuring fascinating displays of traditional Livery Company and wool trades and crafts, including sheep shearing. The Livery Fair is a fantastic day out for all the family and a fun reminder of the abiding and vital connection between city and nature. Funds raised support the Woolmen’s Charity and Lord Mayor’s Appeal.

Kate Humble:
“I’m hugely honoured to participate in this year’s Sheep Drive and Livery Fair. An incredible spectacle that commemorates London’s connection to the countryside, celebrates the many uses of wool and its natural complement to modern living.”