12 May, 2014

Sheep Drive Across London Bridge 2014

sheepdriveThe Master of the Worshipful Company of Woolmen, Richard Excell, has decreed that the Company will organise another Sheep Drive across London Bridge this year, following the success of last year’s event.

He has asked me to chair the organising committee, and with the experience of 2013 under our belt, we are implementing a number of improvements to make it an even more enjoyable day out for Freemen, their family and friends.

We have increased the length of each drive to a quarter of the length of the bridge (from a fifth last year); we are arranging specific photo opportunities for participants; we have simplified the administration; and we have added an extra drive at the end of the day in order to keep the number of places available largely the same.  There are also some additional health and safety features and traffic precautions incorporated into the design of the day to make it an even more family friendly day out.  Photographs from last year’s event can be seen at www.sharpphoto.co.uk.

We have kept the level of donations at £50 per person which will cover the provision of sheep, their health and well-being; the health and safety measures required by current UK law; the traffic control measures required by Transport for London; and a personal certificate signed by the Master of The Company confirming that their rights have been exercised successfully and in accordance with current tradition.

As last year, all proceeds will be divided between the Lord Mayor’s Appeal and The Worshipful Company of Woolmen’s charitable trust.

If you wish to take part in this ancient and honourable tradition, please book your sheep and your place on the drive by completing the Booking form and returning it to me. We are happy for family and friends to accompany Freemen on the drive for the same donation to enable family and friends to drive sheep together.

Bill Clark, Immediate Past Master
Chair of the Sheep Drive Committee