5 October, 2023


The long established charity event, celebrating a Freeman’s ancient “right” to bring sheep to market over the Thames toll free, took place over Southwark Bridge on Sunday 24th September 2023 led by top chef Richard Corrigan. Another successful day raising funds for The Woolmens Charity and The Lord Mayor’s Appeal.

The Livery Fair is a great opportunity for the Livery Companies to showcase their living crafts and trades to the public and for businesses working with wool in innovative and new ways to exhibit their products.

Master Woolman Vincent Keaveny CBE (formerly Lord Mayor of London) says “It’s wonderful to be able to celebrate one of the great London traditions…. it’s important we keep some of these traditions alive…we’re doing it to support charities so we are doing good but also having a lot of fun”

Richard, chef and farmer’s son, said “That was an amazing experience, humbled. I am humbled, no question about it. London has always delivered a lot of new surprises, new experiences, but I honestly don’t think I am every going to live this one down. Bringing sheep over the bridge, I know what it’s like to be a shepherd as well…. sheep represent the whole City of London for the last 1000 years or more. It’s part of its wealth making, it’s part of its success, part of its taxation, it’s what made the City of London…..”