24 April, 2014

The City Wool Project – Message From The Master, Richard Excell

Creating a new Business dimension for the Livery and the Global Wool Industry.

Dear Liveryman

I am writing to you about a major initiative that our Company launched at our Installation Dinner on April 23rd following an 18 month Feasibility Study.

It will provide a new and unique commercial opportunity for many of us in the Livery to use our varied professional and commercial skills, our business networks and family connections.

city wool projectThe Woolmen’s Company aim to build a facilitation mechanism (the City Wool Business Network) that connects the business skills and experience of the Liverymen and their companies with the company membership of three of the important Global Wool Industry Trade Organisations. The Wool Industry is worth US$80Bn at retail and involves thousands of companies and countless employees around the world along the pipeline from farm to consumer.

These businesses require continuous easy access to the skills of a full range of Financial and Professional Services and experience at every level in their companies. Through the City Wool Project we hope to assist in the making of those introductions that will help improve the competitiveness of our fibre versus the alternatives.  I should be clear that the Company is not becoming involved through the CWP in the financial services sector.  CWP will allow connections to be made between the wool industry and independent business and professional advisers.  What happens after that is not something in which the Company has any interest or stake.

The Wool Industry organisations referred to above are The British Wool Marketing Board, The Australian owned Woolmark Company and the Campaign for Wool which has HRH the Prince of Wales as its Patron and focusses on consumer wool promotion.  Their membership and customer base is global from early stage processing, through production, product marketing and design to various consumer channels. Its prestigious membership stretches from multi nationals to entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Our Company will work closely with the three Wool Organisations who have been invited to become Strategic Partners to our Company and will attend three of our dinners with their guests.  I am sure you will make them most welcome.

The Court has appointed a City Wool Advisory Board (CWAB) consisting of The Master (Chairman) CA Peter Ackroyd (Deputy Chairman) the Upper and Lower Warden, PM Simon Bailey and Alderman Sir David Wootton.

I am delighted to also announce that Mrs Gill Wilson our Clerk will take up the post of CWP Development Officer following her retirement this year as Clerk to the Company.  Gill brings enormous City experience and contacts to the role and the City Wool Advisory Board look forward to working with her.

The City Wool Advisory Board would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to become involved in this business network and use your business skills and contacts.  Please contact me by letter, phone or email the clerk

I look forward to telling you more about this exciting development during the year and at the dinners.

Kind regards

Richard Excell
Master Woolman