Elizabeth Peacock IPM Award

In 2010, Immediate Past Master Elizabeth Peacock presented a silver woolsack on a wooden plinth to the Company.

This is presented every year by the Immediate Past Master to a person or persons within the Company who during the year has done something that deserved recognition.  The recipient is the personal choice of the Master, who presents the trophy at the Installation Dinner as the Immediate Past Master.

Past Awards

2024 – IPM Alderman Vincent Keaveny – Awarded to Oliver St John Davis

2023 – IPM Sir David Wootton – Awarded to Greg Craig Waller

2022 – IPM Sir David Wootton – Awarded to Ann Dent

2019 – IPM Andrew Dawson – Awarded to Ian Barbour

2018 – IPM Chris Thierry – Awarded to Margaret Miller

2017 – IPM Peter Hewitt – NOT AWARDED

2016 – IPM John Brewer – NOT AWARDED

2015 – IPM Richard Excell – Awarded to Hugh Furber

2014 – IPM Bill Clark – Awarded to Bill Skidmores

2013 – IPM Simon Boardman-Weston – Awarded to Howard Venters

2012 – IPM Eric Wilson – Awarded to Gavin Hamilton-Deeley

2011 – IPM Simon Bailey – Awarded to Chris Thierry

2010 – IPM Elizabeth Peacock – Awarded to Ben Hodges and Bill Clark