The Court is the governing body of the Company and usually consists of the Officers of the Company (the Master, the Upper Warden, the Under Warden, and the Immediate Past Master), up to nine other masters past the chair and a varying number of court assistants.

It meets four times a year and considers all matters relating to the Company.

One of its duties is to secure the succession of Masters by selecting suitable court assistants from members of the Livery.  It receives reports from the various committees and allocates funds and resources as appropriate.  The Clerk is in attendance.


The Master
Alderman Sir David Wootton

Upper Warden
Emmanuel Cohen

Under Warden
David Hopkins

Immediate Past Master

Court of Assistants

Past Master Lt Col. (Retd) Bill Clark (2013/2014)

Past Master Richard Excell (2014/2015)

Past Master John Brewer (2015/2016)

Past Master Christopher Thierry (2017/2018)

Past Master Andrew Dawson (2018/2019)

Past Master Mark Johnson (2019/2022)

Honorary Court Assistant Peter Ackroyd

Court Assistant Alderman Emma Edhem

Court Assistant Kevin Barwick

Court Assistant Gregory Craig Waller

Court Assistant Kim Gillespie-Franklin

Court Assistant Margaret Miller

Court Assistant Judith Pleasance CC

Honorary Court Assistant Robert Allan

Court Assistant Giles Schofield

Court Assistant Tory Manuel

Court Assistant Ulrika Dadley

Court Assistant Lt Col Peter Lynch

Court Assistant Rupert Hague-Holmes

Past Court Assistants

Alderman Prof Emma Edhem

Past Masters Emeritus

Past Master Michael Abrahams CBE DL (1996/97)

Past Master The Right Honourable Sir Robin Auld (1984/85)

Past Master Simon Bailey (2010/11)

Past Master Simon Boardman-Weston (2012/2013)

Past Master John Bishop (2001/02)

Past Master Charles Brook (2006/07)

Past Master Raymond Cousins (1993/1994)

Past Master Sir William Goring Bt (2000/01)

Past Master Peter Hewitt, JP, FCSI, FRSA (2016/17)

Past Master Richard Hollis (2008/09)

Past Master Gavin Hamilton-Deeley (2007/08)

Past Master Colonel John Nickell-Lean TD (2003/04)

Past Master Elizabeth Peacock JP DL (2009/10)

Past Master Richard Pickance (2005/06)

Past Master Richard Proctor (1991/92)

Past Master HRH The Princess Royal (1994/95)