20 December, 2021

THE LIVES OF THE GREAT AND THE GOOD -Honorary Freemen of the City of London

Written by Past Master Bill Clark

The Honorary Freedom of the City of London has been voted to 265 men and women since 1674, and of these only 9 are alive today. This book explains the background to the Honorary Freedom and provides a fascinating compendium of facts about the Freedom, and these men and women who helped to shape the history of our Islands.

Within the pages of this book lie an interesting catalogue of the great and the good; Royal scandals, yarns of daring-do and adventure, bravery and foolhardiness; stories of men and women rising from rags to riches, and accounts of spectacular falls from grace; stories of explorers and missionaries, heroes and villains; and heroes who became villains. Naval cutting out expeditions, army heroic actions, political shenanigans, explorers and adventurers, scientists and philanthropists.

Bill is generously donating all proceeds to be split between the Woolmen’s Charity and the Lord Mayor’s Appeal. If you would like to order a copy please click the link below

The Great and the Good – order via Etsy