28 February, 2014

The Wet Ten Livery Companies Annual City Water Debate

Glaziers HallThe Wet Ten livery companies – actually there are thirteen of them, all of who use water or are interested in water to a greater or lesser extent  – held their sixth annual City Water debate at Glaziers’ Hall on Monday.

It was entitled Beyond Floods and Drought: Can demand management deliver water security?

Professor Adel Sharif spoke about the latest developments in managed osmosis treatments (an exciting new development of reverse osmosis desalination), and Professor Jeni Colbourne the Chief Inspector of drinking water took us back 100 years to one of her predecessor’s pre-occupation with the risk of typhoid carriers infecting water treatment works.  The surroundings of Glaziers Hall were very appropriate, especially when we broke up for the reception in the River Room and could see the height of the Thames as it rolled on by towards the sea.

Bill Clark – Master, Woolmen’s Company