4 March, 2013

Woolmans Company Support City Farms

From our Charitable Fund we make annual contributions to both Spitalfields and Hackney City Farms. They are situated within easy walking distance of each other and it is very convenient to visit Spitalfields in the morning and stroll up to Hackney for lunch in the cafe.

Spitalfields City Farm

Both farms have a wide range of different animals and poultry and help support the work of  the Rare Breeds Survival Trust by keeping, for example, breeds of sheep which have been threatened with extinction.

Hackney City Farm Grass is available for summer grazing by ponies, goats, sheep and cattle in small numbers and other land is used to produce, and sell, fruits and vegetables throughout the year with the use of green houses for delicate plants and to assist others growing during cold weather. A few dogs, cats and other pets are cared for.

The overall purpose of both farms is to be a way of educating towns people about the source of their food, and decorative plants, and to demonstrate through teaching on many subjects about their journey through the kitchen to the table. Spitalfields worked with our Company to have a stand showing sheep and their wool, together with its uses at the Cheapside Fayre as reported  in a recent issue of our Woolman magazine.

Rare Breed Sheep PhotoHackney Farm, in addition to having similar livestock and horticultural  interests, has lecture facilities for courses on small scale  food production and encouraging the learning of crafts and other essential skills. Spitalfields has an annual Wool Fayre – June 2nd 2013 – and each of their ongoing programme of events is available on their respective websites.

Spitalfields City Farm – www.spitalfieldscityfarm.org

Hackney City Farm –  www.hackneycityfarm.co.uk